Our work
We are actively engaged in shaping the technological transformation offering a broad range of products, including services like regrinding tools original TUNIT geometries and recoatings. We offer regrinding and recoating services for HSS Hobs, including stripping.

Innovative force
Tungstentools Itlalia s.r.l. stands for advanced technology. Capital investments in technological advanced machines along with the potential of manufacturing special tools allow to develop new product lines. Spot light is a new milling line HSC, HHC HPC 35°/38° innovative force for milling difficult steels and a drilling line with a special tool geometry “degressive helix 35°/12°” suitable for deep drilling without cooling supplies.
The knowledge of suitable geometries linked to the specific needs of industrial production converge in a constructive communication offering real answers for any application needs (see deep drilling line till 30xD)

Raw material
Great attention is focused on tungsten carbide products, especially studied from our german supplier and partner since twenty years for achieving special characteristics. Tungsten carbide products with “fine-grain structures” (0,5-0,8 micron) well suited for application needs on inox steels, steel alloys, non ferrous metals, alluminium alloys, graphite, iron. Tungsten carbide products with “ultrafine-grain structures” (0,2-0,5 micron) for high performance applications HSC-HPC (high speed cutting, high performance cutting).

Tunit in the world
Tunit is an internationally active Italian Company and produces 50% of cutting tools for exportation, especially for the European market. The Company is successfully oriented to Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Hungary, UK, China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Chile, Argentina, Brasil, Israel.

The capital investment in technological advanced machines (50) is the key for being a manufacturer of high quality tools using CNC-machines. Tunit’s partners are: STUDER, GHIRINGHILLI, ROLLOMATIC, ANCA, SCHNEEBERGER, WALTER, DECKEL, EWAG, PLATIT coating system. Great attention is focused on quality check using particular instruments MITUTOYO, ZOLLER, LASER.