General delivery and sales conditions


  • Orders to be are confirmed by us in writing.
  • Our order confirmations must be examined closely and when differences occur,these should be notified in writing within two days.
  • The order are executed according to our confirmation.
  • Minimum ordering amount € 150,00.
  • Order below € 150,00 without rabate.


  • All prices are in Euro, ex works.
  • Our deliveries are invoiced according to the price which appear in out last official price list.
  • Special executions are charged according to the quotation or, when not other wise stipulated, on the confirmation.


  • Deliveries are effected ex works Corropoli at customer's risk.
  • Transport fees at the receiver's expences.


  • We reserve the right to deliver a minimum of up to 10% more or less of the ordered quantity.


  • The deliveries are made as promptly as possible. Should, however, an unforeseen delivery delay occur, this does not authorise the client to cancel the order or to claim interest or penalties.
  • Unforeseen derlivery delays superior of 10 days will be comunicated.


  • The company warrants the high quality of Tunit's products following the rules of law. Goods, that the company recognise with a defect, are immediately replaced.
  • The company is not liable for compensation in any case (direct or indirect damage caused by the use of our goods, lost goods, fom on-ful-fillment of contract, delay, stops of production etcetera).


  • Complaints can only be accepted within eigth days after reception of the goods.
  • Illustrations as well as tecnical data are not binding.
  • No goods can be returned without our authorization.


  • Milano is valid as domicile for all legal matters.